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Value Added Rewards are leaders in customer acquisitionretention programs. Our expertise extends over a decade in implementing and developing Loyalty programs across multiple industries using innovative web, call centre and mobile based Value Added services. Our aim is to assist clients in developing long term customer loyalty through strategy, technology and communication. Our products are fashioned to suite each business’s personality, culture, brand and objectives. We strive to provide engaging loyalty programs that are seamless and effective. Through a wide selection basket of products at our disposal we can assist in establishing loyalty and satisfaction throughout the market.


•Our team consists of 100% highly trained agents which can do both inbound and outbound calls.

• 90% of our agents are experienced agents with 2 years and more call centre experience.

• They are highly trained in customer service as a core focus.

• Effective Human Resource Management team that evaluates and recruits only the best agents, and provides training to encourage further development.


We have a huge range of discounted products and vouchers available.


28 Kent Road, Stamford Hill,
Durban, 4001
Republic Of South Africa


Phone: 087 3300 526

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