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  Corporate client product offerings.

We aim to alleviate the burdens of day to day fleet operation emergencies. In the event of these emergencies arising, we have the necessary facilities to ensure that you goods are back on their journey, and that you as a carrier do not fall victim to looting, additional costs on delays, and disrepute with your clients as you have piece of mind we have taken care of it.

Supported by the brightest minds in fleet management, bestin class practices, and outstanding client service, you can rest assured that your fleet is being professionally managed and that your business have everything they need to continue is logistical operation.


• We offer 24 hour nationwide and cross-border assistance

• Constant feedback and progress report updates

• Driver accommodation

• Enhanced Security, through duration, to prevent looting

• Driver call-centre support

• Roadside Assistance 

• Accident Management

• Violations Management

• Medical assistance and support

• Container transfer

Added Benefits.

• In addition to the rewards programme, we will be offering:
• Daily prizes of instant airtime
• Weekly prizes of store vouchers
• Monthly car draws
• Yearly we will be giving away international holidays

  Corporate clients

Toward the later of 2018, We decided to launch a Corporate offering of Fleet Assist,. The initial sample was only offered on a trial basis to a few of our Corporate clients. After a well run trial we found this product to be a lucrative business opportunity and with securing a few major names in the industry we are certain this offering will be expanding greatly in 2019.


28 Kent Road, Stamford Hill,
Durban, 4001
Republic Of South Africa


Phone: 087 3300 526

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