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Cutting Edge Customer Loyalty Strategies from Value Added Rewards Value Added Rewards are the market leaders in the Customer Acquisition and Retention industry in South Africa. Our products are built with the sole intention of enhancing the lives of our clients and their members. Our scientific approach to Loyalty is unique and each program can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and the consumer you are targeting. Our experience extends to developing products for globally recognized companies.



• As independent suppliers, we license a bouquet of products under the client’s unique proprietorship.
• This educes commercial risk to your business and cuts out the costly reseller/middleman.
• By building annuity under your own unique brand there is intrinsic value in the brand; should you wish to sell the company at some stage. In effect, you are building a secure business with equity in the balance sheet.
• We maintain our status as competitive market suppliers by purchasing assistance benefits, in bulk, through third party contractors such as Roadside Assistance.
• Such critical impact assistance products are dealt with quickly and sensitively through our own inbound call centre.
• The Redemption Model allows for pricing options linked to utilization.


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Republic Of South Africa


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